Penguin 2.0 And What Is In Store For SEO In The Next Few Months For Google

May 14th, 2013

Penguin 2.0 By Google -  May 2013Matt Cutts had been announcing on Twitter lately that there soon is going to be a major algorithmic update  and yesterday the WebMaster video by him gave an idea about what to expect out of it in the near future.

Matt Said:
  1. Google is on the verge of launching a new generation of Penguin updates i.e Penguin 2.0 which is more comprehensive than Penguin 1.0 which will go deeper to combat spam.
  2. If you pay for Ads. Then those ads. should not flow PageRank. There should be a clear and conspicuous disclosure if an Ad. is displayed on the site so people know that it is a paid display.
  3. Search queries that tend to be spammy in nature, such as [pay day loans] or some pornographic related queries, will somewhat be less likely to be a target for Google’s search spam team at the moment but will surely get Google’s attention soon.
  4. Google has some nice ideas to deny value to link spam and Google is working on a more sophisticated system for link analysis.
  5. Google hopes to detect hacked sites better and communicate with webmasters better to help clean up the hacked sites via webmaster tools and many other resources.
  6. If you have been doing high quality SEO you should not worry about these changes.
  7. Google is doing a better job now to detect authority in a particular space and will make sure that they rank higher.
  8. Google is looking for ways to “soften” the impact of the Panda Update for sites which are found in the grey area and have some high degree of quality signals.
  9. Once you see a cluster of results of one domain then you will see less of that site in the results as you go deeper in the results so that they can keep the results as diverse as possible.
  10. People who are doing link spam and black hat are less likely to show up by the end of summer after this update and Matt Cutts thinks that this will give small businesses and webmaster following white hat rank better.
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