Google Turns Twelve Today!

September 27th, 2010

We wish Google a VERY HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY


On this special occasion I would like to thank Google for all the support, innovations, help and the wonderful informative resources which have been offered to the people of the search industry by Google on all the blogs and videos especially created to share information.

Each and every person associated with the search industry in any way can never function without the tools and resources made available by Google.

Whether it is the webmaster tools or the analytics or the information shared on the Matt Cutts blog or his videos for answering the queries related to SEO, all this have surely enriched our knowledge and made us handle projects confidently in helping the client websites put their best foot forward.

Google has come a long way and surely is a source of inspiration to many.

The Google Timeline for the important events and turning points from 1995 onwards can be viewed here:

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