Points Highlighted By Matt Cutts And Amit Singhal at The Keynote Session At Pubcon Vegas 2011 Day 2

November 10th, 2011

Author : Bharati Ahuja

Following are some of the points which Matt Cutts and Amit Singhal of Google made at the Keynote Session of  Pubcon Vegas 2011 on Day 2.

These points have been jotted down by following  #pubcon on Twitter.


  • The best SEOs  don’t want to go where search engines are but rather where they will be
  • What is a cell phone? it’s a computer you carry with you everywhere. this will change things enormously
  • Googlebot is getting smart including processing java script, better understanding of page & content (above the fold)
  • SEO is not going to die
  • The web is one of the only places where, if you’re a small biz, you can move faster than the big guys
  • Good editorial links matter. Bad links do not. Quality beats quantity .A really good editorial link can go a long way.
  • Got a page topped with ads? google’s evaluating algo changes to penalize these
  • SEO is like coaching” helps you put your best face forward.
  • A special webmaster video for #pubcon: How does Google determine page speed? http://goo.gl/Nvm9z
  • Google currently looking into figuring out what content is above the fold as part of algorithm
  • Search is personal and will continue to get more personal.
  • We can give more data or we can go further back in time
  • Only rolling out SSL to http://google.com not to Google.ca, Google.fr etc. Just too complicated for now.
  • Historically SSL is hard to do on different hostnames (i.e. FR, DE) if they decide to rollout international
  • Number of users with SSL is single-digit percentage in aggregate. Tech sites will be higher due to type of users
  • There are no plans to offer analytics SSL data in a paid version of analytics
  • Google looks at over 200 signals to determine link quality.
  • Some sites may have 10,000 backlinks, but Google may not be crediting any of them. People don’t see what links we trust and what links we don’t trust.
  • Depending on the size & content, Google will remove spammy party of site, entire or folder
  • It’s a lot harder to “fake natural” than to “be natural” online in terms of SEO
  • On press releases: you’re going up to someone & asking them to write about you… it’s better when someone comes to you


  • On Author Authority – Visitors want to know a high quality author wrote it and why the author is high quality.
  • “If your child can learn something from the site, that’s how we know it is quality.”
  • If you can tell your child to go to a specific site, consider that “high quality content
  • It is our desire that every signed in google user has protection & privacy – internationally
  • At the end of the day, high quality content will win
  • Google likes to make changes algorithmically because it scales across languages, etc.
  • Google always prefers algorithms to human intervention.
  • If the internet remains healthy, Google will remain healthy.
A very big thanks to all the people who shared the event with their live posts on Twitter. 

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