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November 14th, 2011

Author : Bharati Ahuja

GooglePlus - Circles (Grey)The social and search integration is nothing new to SEO and
people working on search presence. Till sometime back Google had access to the Twitter Real Time Data. But, as that deal is no longer valid, Google+ real time posts are the readily available social signals to Google.

After the launch of Google Plus , Google also has launched the Google+ Business Pages which help a business to integrate their business presence with their social media presence and create a brand image. One can create a business page in a relevant category as seen below:

• Local Business or Place
• Product or Brand
• Company, Institution or Organization
• Arts, Entertainment or Sports
• Other

With the help of the Direct Connect feature one can inter link a website and the Google+ Business Page which suggests a strong possibilty of using the link graph generated thus.

Secondly, the Ripples feature clearly gives the idea of how easily Google can calculate the social signals like outreach, influence, amplification and the network impact of a post without depending on any third party data.

IMHO Google is currently equipping itself with all the necessary social and search integration features which will be applied suddenly like the Panda Update was applied to the algorithm for content.
Google is very much focused on search and according to me the Google+ initiative is mainly aimed at enhancing the quality of search results which is very much affected due to the mal practices because of link building and content spamming.

The +1s from your friends and associates, The Ripples generated by the circles you are in and the people in your circles should be able to give the necessary vote and the WOM factor which they thought they would get when they introduced the PageRank Technology. But, the PageRank got spammed by the so called link builders

As SEO is always evolving, this social and search integration should take search results at a different level as this time Google does not have to depend on any third party to give them the data . They have control and ownership of all the data they will be using to integrate the social signals with search for the web or mobile or local. Yes, Search is all about SOCIAL, LOCAL & MOBILE which is very well been spun and interwoven by Google into the fabric of Google+

Hence, if you want to future proof your search presence go ahead and create a Google+ Profile and a Business Page if you are still lagging behind.

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