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June 6th, 2011

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Chemists used the properties of elements to sort them into groups in a periodic table. The periodic table classifies scientific information like the various properties of the different chemical elements. Its main purpose is to compare, systematize and classify the behaviors of chemical elements. Specifically, it is widely used in chemistry. Apart from chemistry, it can be applied to other academic disciplines as well, such as chemical engineering, biology as well as physics.Now @sengineland has applied it to the SEO ranking factors categorizing the ranking factors under the following heads.

  • On The page SEO
  • Off The Page SEO
  • Violations
  • Blocking

All these SEO factors work in conjunction influencing each other sometimes more positively and sometimes in a decrement order .

Such a scientific representation of the SEO Ranking Factors is a real rich resource for any SEO,. Especially when you discuss with the clients about these issues. Such resources and presentations add credibility and enhance the reputation of the industry.

The SEO Periodic Table at a glance proves that SEO is a science and sums up the most important aspects SEO in one image but the real challenge lies in the implementation of all these SEO elements in proper proportion at the right time which is an art backed by knowledge gained through experience.

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