The Use Of Infographics And How To Optimize A Web Page Having Only An Infographic.

October 6th, 2010

Visual presentation of information is a powerful tool. Information graphics, also known as infographics, are a way of presenting information, data, or knowledge with the use of visual tools. Many people are familiar with basic infographics, like weather maps, which have small symbols to indicate areas of low and high pressure, as well as predictions for snow, rain, and sunshine.

Images speak louder than words. One infographic can communicate , help spread an idea and attract attention at a glance. If the graphic was to be represented by words then a certain attention span is required to read and digest the idea but a good colorful info graphic can easily attract attention and convey the message faster. That is the main reason people use slides during workshops and presentations.

Especially when the data is complex and involves jargon and step by step approach a pictoral representation can surely be the best way to convey the idea. Many bloggers have a trend of translating their posts as a graphic for reaching out.

If the blog post has a graphic and textual content there is a possibility of the post being ranked on the search engines under the blog option and also the image option with more viral possibilities and in a way which helps in getting links.

If you have a post where you supposedly have only a graphic to convey the message then in order to get the SEO benefit the titles. Headings, brief explanation, Alt text and preferably hotspots with an image map with important content on the image is very crucial for the SEO of the blog post.

Some Examples Of Infographics On SEO:

Hence in order to have a presence on all the search options it is essential to keep adding fresh content in various forms on the blog like videos, images, text, social media posts, news, discussions, etc. periodically.

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