Why User Generated Content Will Be More Important In the Future For SERPs

January 6th, 2011

As we all know that the social signals are a part of the search engine algorithms for determining the SERPs. Social media gives an equal platform to each and everyone to voice their opinions, views, thoughts and in various ways using whatever media they are comfortable with – images (Infographics), videos, text, etc. All this is giving an exponential increase and impetus to the UGC – User Generated Content on the web.

This UGC and the links on such content which add value to the content has the potential to push the SERPs up or pull the SERPs down of the links mentioned. Content has been the king on the web world but the UGC does not only have the plus points of the content but also has the power of the intent added to it. Hence, it has the potential to push or pull in the positive or negative direction.

User generated content may be in the form of:
• Reviews
• Comments
• Feedbacks
• Testimonials
• Ratings
• Blogposts with a focus on a certain product or company
• Tweets on Twitter
• Posts on Facebook
• Wikis

All that is voiced on such platforms about a certain company, product or service generates a WOM which creates an online reputation of the company . Hence , it is the user who has to be focused on in the whole campaign of promoting a website. The UGC will depend on the user experience the visitor has on the website .

The co-relation of the other metrics like the time on site, bounce rate, the goals achieved, the number of new and repeat visits and other such metrics from the analytic reports and the UGC will determine the popularity and the purpose of the website which will in turn affect the rankings and over all visibility of the site.

Well this is my perception, only time will tell as to how all this gets more and more incorporated in the search engine algorithms and how it is reflected in the search results.

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