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March 15th, 2013

Adding valuable content to the blog is a challenge for every blog owner. Just adding content is not enough, it has to be valuable to the readers in some form or the other.

Which content is considered as valuable content?

It is simple logic that the visitor on your site who reached your site via search engines, social media or some other referral link is looking for some information related to the topic of the landing page or the topic of the blog. If the user finds the content informative, valuable and is in detail then he is surely going to share it to his followers on Twitter or the relevant circles or friends on Google+ and Facebook respectively.

Quality content should be oriented around the following points :

· In-depth information about the topic

· About the latest trends of the related industry

· Explains a certain topic in detail (The How To and the Dos and Donts Posts)

· Personal perceptions or reviews about the products and services related to your industry

· Current Events And Conference related to your industry

· At times live blog a certain event or follow the Twitter Stream of events where the thought leaders of the industry are speaking and then write a summary of all the tweets .(For Example: )

· Success stories and failures related to your industry or something that you personally experienced while working on any project

· Discuss some comments made on some other blogs in detail .

Such content not only educates the user about the topic but also makes him share it further and this chain, in the long run generates social signals which get integrated with search and thereby improve your search presence.

If you are serious about search presence then it is advisable to:

· Have a team or a person dedicated to create and share content.

· If you accept guest posts then implement the authorship mark up .

· Have a set of Author guidelines which the authors should follow.

· Focus the blog to publish content on niche topics related to the industry only.

· Encourage comments by asking questions to generate the more valuable User Generated Content (UGC) as comments.

· Reward guest authors in some way if their content gives you a good out reach

· Request reputed authors to send guest posts for your blog after all its a mutually beneficial association

· Integrate Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph to the blog

· Focus on good quality titles as per SEO guidelines

· Try to publish content in all forms – text, infographics, video and podcasts.

· Focus on building trust and having a good UX

By content friendly I mean content which has a good out reach and  the guest authors reach out to you for getting their writings published. As the ‘Author Rank’ adds to the reputation of the blog and the readership and the reputation of the blog in turn helps in adding value to their ‘Author rank’.

Just as a blog has no value without content , the author’s ideas also do not get a good outreach, appreciation and understanding without being published on a reputed blog. It is a mutually beneficial and a content (pun intended) association.

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