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October 22nd, 2010
Every business small or big cannot think of ignoring the online presence of their company, products and services. When we talk of online presence the first thing that comes to our mind is the website, then its visibility on the web mainly via search engines and social media sites. Yes, online visibility is important and is the lifeline of every marketing campaign and reaching out to the people online is all the more important just like oxygen is to life.

Now, if having a presence on the search engines is important then optimizing your site for the search engines will surely be a priority. SEO we all know is search Engine Optimization , hence as the term suggests your website should be according to the search engine norms and algorithms so that it gets ranked to derive the targeted traffic to the site. Firstly though the core services of WebPro Technologies is SEO that is to get organic traffic to your site , I would like to state the fact that SEO is nothing complicated or something which requires the skills of a nuclear scientist. It is neither magic or some kind of guessing game it is purely based on some logical factors on which search engines rank websites for targeted keywords.

But, largely SEO is based on content and links. The success of the rankings for targeted keywords is based on intent (Both intent of the searcher with which he frames the queries and the intent of the website content to rank for the queries selected for the website). Then it depends how artistically your SEO has applied the SEO science on your website.

I am not going to go into the details of what is good SEO here as I want to specify that the online presence of your company is nothing but a reflection of your offline presence. If content is important to rankings and for more visibility then by just getting flowery content which is in hyperbole written by content developers lack the soul in it and does not apply to the image of your business in the real world will not take your business any where as what ever is written or displayed on the website should be a true reflection a mirror image of your business and thus you can put forward the right image and win the faith of the online buyer. The webpage is not a platform to become boisterous of your business image or brag about it .

As I believe the content and links should be natural to get a long term presence on the search engines. Keep adding content according to the progress and development about your company on the website in the form of testimonials, or upgrade the content about the achievements , products, services, client list , etc. I am sure if you work hard to achieve the business targets you surely will have fresh content related to this on a periodic basis available to update the site . Share the effort , experience and the ups and downs your company went through to achieve this on your blog which will help you to connect and interact to like minded people on social media and add valuable content to your site.

If the content is genuine , informative and related to topical, trendy topics it will again add natural inbound links to the site. But, this is not a one time exercise this has to be a regular regime and on a continuous basis to attract more and more links and to rank for more and more keywords. The website is a platform which displays the company’s image, its products, services, mission and the future plans to its customers and potential customers and the voice of your existing customers can become your passport to increased sales.

Hence , content written for a webpage is not an entry for the best essay or the best article writing competition but just the sharing of details and the summary of what your offline business is planning, contemplating , executing and the results achieved due to all this and the intent is to attract maximum targeted visitors and convert these potential customers to regular customers.

Just as in the real world the word of mouth generates maximum business on the web it’s the social word of mouth which will get your more targeted visitors because the maximum positive social word of mouth will come from your existing satisfied customers only.

Work hard in the real world to have more satisfied customers and more acheivements in business which helps your business grow and then update and upgrade your virtual business with the real world facts, figures and experiences thereby being in a win-win situation in the virtual world as well as the real world. As someone has truly said ” There Is No substitute For Hard Work”

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